Barcelona Paella Experience | Barcelona Paella Experience Paella Workshop
Barcelona Paella Experience offers you personalized cooking workshops where you can learn to make authentic Spanish Paella, Crema Catalana, Sangria, Spanish Tapas, Regional Cuisine and much more in our conveniently located professional kitchen and magnificent dining room, or in the comfort of your holiday apartment. This activity is perfect for families and corporate groups as well.
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Paella Workshop

Take a Local Market Tour and learn hands on how to make delicious and authentic Spanish Paella

We make cooking Spanish Paella in easy. You can choose to do this hands on cooking class in our professional kitchen located in the center of Barcelona, or you can have the class in your holiday apartment in. You will be the chef and learn all of the most important details needed to make Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella. Freshness is essential and our chefs buy only the best local ingredients for cooking workshops directly from the open air markets in Barcelona. You also get to visit the famous open air markets of Barcelona with your chef. Together you will taste delightful treats, meet local vendors and pick out some of the freshest ingredients you can find for your cooking experience. We can also cater to your special dietary preferences and can make you a Vegetarian Paella or a Traditional Paella Valenciana with meat and vegetables instead of Seafood. (If you cannot do the market tour a cooking class only is available)

Seafood Paella

Traditional Spanish Seafood rice (We also love to make Valencian Paella with meat and vegetables or Vegetarian Paella)

Traditional Sangria

Traditional Spanish red wine with fresh fruit and liquor.

Crema Catalana

Creamy Catalan dessert with caramelized sugar on top.

  • Paella Workshop
  • 85/ per person
    • Seafood Paella
    • Traditional Sangria
    • Crema Catalana
    • Lasts 3.5 hours

Booking your Paella Experience before you arrive is recommended so we can ensure that our chefs are available to share the best of Spanish cuisine with you.